Domain names and hosting

We can help you register a domain name and/or setup a hosting account. Upload your site to a new account for the first time or replace an existing website.

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What is a domian name?

A domain name is normally the name of your company without any spaces or hyphens followed by a suffix such as or .com.

What is website hosting?

This is where your website lives on a server. Web hosting is storage space and access for websites.

Do they have to be with the same company?

They don’t but we recommend you purchase them with the same company. You can normally get a better deal when combining the two. Also domain names are normally FREE for the first year when you buy a domain hosting plan.

What if I already have a domain name?

That’s no problem we can point your domain name to the hosting site.

Do you register domain names?

We recommend that you do this yourself with a respected registrar. We can advise you on this and help you setup the account.