Chamberlen Consultancy Services - Branding and Website Design

We were approached by Mark Chamberlen to design a logo and website for his new business, Chamberlen Consultancy Services. Mark is a qualified business coach and provides coaching to individuals. Initially we were tasked to design a logo and a website, since the business was new we felt it would be beneficial to create a brand identity which would be the basis for any design collateral.

Logo and colour palette.
The project began by exploring 4 different approaches to the logo design and colour palette, ranging from modern, contemporary to classic and traditional. The chosen classic logo design was developed to be usable across different media from print to digital and in full colour as well as mono versions.

Brand Identity
The two main colours red and black are combined with white typography and logo. These can also be reversed to create contrast and help divide content up. The strong background colours can also act as a framework for placing simple black and white photography with a tinted overlay. Text can them be placed over the top and legibility is not compromised.

Website Design
Single page website concept too accommodated all the information needed for Mark to explain his business coaching method and past experiences. We wanted to divide the page up with small sections for Introduction, About, What I do, Testimonials and Contact.

The main introduction text is an H1 Heading and all other sections are H2 Headings.

Pace is created by alternating the sections with different coloured backgrounds. A sans serif font is also used to help create contrast.  

Logo: Vector high resolution.
Business cards: PDF print ready artwork.
Branding Book: PDF presentation.
Website: Desktop 1920px and mobile 770px, PSD design. Built in HTML with Webflow.
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and HTML builder.


I was a website novice before I was introduced to Scott.  I knew I needed a website, but didn’t have a clue about the terminology, the questions I needed to ask or how to visualize the end result. Being partially sighted, this was particularly relevant. 

Scott went the extra mile to explain what I needed, tell me how things worked in a language that as a technophobe made sense to me. 

The end result was brilliant, and far exceeded my expectations.  I am a very happy client and would wholeheartedly recommend Mackie Design Company Ltd. 

Chamberlen Consultancy Services - Mark Chamberlen